Canada Day

1 Jul

July 1st marks Canada Day, I went along to the annual Peterborough Canada day parade with my Aunt, Uncle and their family and friends.

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Turns out friendly Canadians will do anything if u ask them in your nice English accent, even pose for a photo in the MSOT hat!

Happy Canada Day!


A taste of Vietnam…in Canada

30 Jun

I thought I’d give you a bit of a sneak peek at some of the amazing things that my Aunt and Uncle have in their home.

My Uncle is Canadian and my Aunt is English, they have lived in a few different places in Canada but they have also lived in Vietnam (they moved there in 2000 and left in 2008). We went to visit them out in Ho Chi Minh in 2002 and the house they lived in was amazing. It was the former Australian Consulate so it was huge, we’re talking 17 bathrooms, a ballroom, a rooftop swimming pool, waterfall…the works, and they filled it with so many wonderful pieces of art and beautiful ornaments/objects, most of which they have brought to Canada with them.

In every room there’s a piece of furniture they shipped back from Vietnam, it makes their home unique and really makes me want to take a trip back to Vietnam!

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The Journey

25 Jun

6:20am Morning!

Woken up feeling surprisingly relaxed still. I expected that I’d be panicking about the flight or being in the airport on my own by now but apparently not…could this be the calm before the storm of a massive breakdown later? I hope not!


Have all piled into the car to go to the Airport, dropping Mum to work on the way. Wishing I’d eaten something more than Rice Krispies for breakfast, hungry already

9:15am (about 20-30mins away from Gatwick)

Me-…I need a wee


Natalie – Yeah I need the loo too

Dad- How old are you two? Did you not go before we left??

Me- I did go before we left but I need to go again…it’s all the tea and excitement

Dad(who is trying to give up smoking)-…I need a cigarette…


Stopped at services. Me and Natalie go to the bathroom, Dad sits outside the car and sulks as he trys to puff on his electric cigarette(one of those with the nicotine and water vapour cartridges)

Natalie decides she knows  quicker way back to the car, please note that it only took 2 minutes to walk from the car into the Service building and to the toilets in the first place. I’m too lazy to argue so we try her way-it leads us out to the coach park and there is a fenced childrens play area between us and the carp park…that was only 2 minutes away in the first place…

9:40am Natalie tries to convince me to jump over the fence for the childrens play area ‘If we take a run up it can’t be that hard’ rather than loose face and walk back the other way :-s


Arrive at Airport.

Dads patience is wearing thin as I start asking stupid questions about how planes actually manage to fly.


Checked in and have been told there is a 1.5hr delay on the flight, decide to wander around and have something to eat.

Got a bit confused as to what desk to check-in at, turns out I booked my seats with Expedia and AirTransat but the seat is on a Thomas Cook flight that is being run by Canadian Affair?!


Said goodbye to Natalie and Dad and gone through security (very cute security guy chats to me…unfortunatly I don’t need to be searched/patted down…)to Departures.

12:50pm (Sitting in the south terminal of Gatwick airport)

Have had a look around some of the shops. Went into Accessorize and bought a few bits.

Got chatting to the lovely ladies (especially one called Rachel) in the Clarins shop.  We started talking because they were trying to guess my age, they thought 19-20 years old, and I spent about an hour in there chatting about the holiday, horoscopes and stuff and then they made a quick phone call and sent me over to the woman at the Benefit and Clinique counter in the Duty Free who had sorted out some samples of moisturizers and creams to take on the flight with me 🙂

1:30 pm

Just got myself a coffee from Costa. Checked the departure board and it still says flight is delayed until 3:35pm but can go through to departure lounge at 2:30…only an hour to kill then!


Just getting ready to board, plane looks tiny!


Have been chatting to the people next to me, Anne and DiDi, Anne is a year or two older than me and DiDi is her Great Aunt – they’re going to visit family in Toronto.

Food was brought around and it turns out no-one informed Thomas Cook that I need a dairy free meal :-s so I get to eat a chunk of chicken and a few peas 😦


Just watched the films The Blind Side and Up in the Air, not as good as their write-up suggested but killed a few hours.

Laptop is about to die so will let you all know when I arrive via Twitter!

According to Google…

23 Jun

…(and my snazzy iGoogle Expedia widget) I only have 1 day, 19 hours, 24 minutes and 42 seconds until I board my flight!

As of yet I have not

  • decided what I am wearing for the flight
  • downloaded my films to my iPod
  • packed my flight bag
  • found the various cables and leads I need to take for laptop/camera
  • found the adaptor plug
  • packed a single thing :-s

Luckily I’ve booked a half day at work tomorrow to get all of this sorted, I’m feeling very calm about my lack of organization at the moment-its nice to be relaxed about the situation but also a bit unnerving as I don’t really do relaxing.

Just to prove I’m not completely lazy though, here is a list of things I have done

  • emailed my Auntie to let her know flight details (good job really because she thought I was arriving on the 28th and not the 25th!)
  • downloaded some more of the Glee Road to Sectionals soundtrack to my iPhone (I know where my priorities lie) the Journey medley is amazing
  • been waxed to within an inch of my life, manicured and pedicured
  • asked the Airline for a dairy free meal
  • complained about how much I don’t want to have to pack

Tomorrows gonna be a busy day!

Holiday Countdown

17 Jun

Ok, so it’s a week until I go to Canada and it seems I’ve forgotten how to go on holiday…yes, it is a strange predicament to be in and one that only I could manage.

I’ve found my passport and get money changed up but other than that I’m stuck in a pre-holiday funk.

The problem is Packing.

I don’t like putting things in my suitcase, I like it better empty, it seems tidier (yes, I’m a freak, I know)

I can see this posing quite a big problem to the packing process.

There are two options-make a list of what to pack (can’t get stressed if there’s a list, lists are tidy and orderly) or live dangerously and pack the night before I go.